These Are the 10 Wedding Trends that will take off in 2022

Published on 27 December 2021 in Marti's Blog

Be ready to have a lot of fun, thanks non-conventional flowers and decors, next-level entertainment, the return of destination events, and the coolest themed parties.

The wedding boom is already here, but the future brides and grooms should expect to feel the force of this explosion well into 2022. After a difficult season, celebrations are back, and they truly are bigger than ever before, which is something that our 2022 wedding trends forecast confirms.

We are obviously excited more than ever and ready to surprise our couples pulling away new ideas from the box for next year!

More colourful setups, new age florals (but also seasonal fruits and veggies!) party entertainment and fun, are driven by this return to celebration-mode. We’re here for it, and know you are, too.


1 – Party Entertainment

Yes, entertainment has always been a central focus of weddings, but top musicians are the main request right now. We frequently suggest to add a string section to the band for depth or include a band or a saxophone to make the service extremely complete.

We also started proposing interactive services going beyond music, like belly dancers, who always make the wow factor happen and blow the guests away!

Couples are now choosing specific artists for each part of their event. At one event, we had a guitar for the ceremony, a second line, a violinist for welcome aperitif, a saxophone for dinner, and a live DJ set and voice for the dancing portion of the evening…attendees were raped! We see this trend in all of our 2022 events.


2 – Alternative Florals

Floral trend for 2022 is definitely going to be less lush and traditional and more towards smaller bunches, bloomy, green, seasonal fruits and veggies well paired with the right shades of green. This trend might be borne out of style and necessity, as flower shortages continue across the globe. We’re using less florals—but more delicate, bigger solo blooms that are very in line with a very clean style.

The couples are focusing their time and attention on more tactile table top details. Many of our clients are investing more in accessories, glassware, and flatware than the floral on the table itself. These are intentional layers of detail which guests discover upon being seated and this is surely an elegant way of hosting.


3 – Color

Expect to see a reinterpretation of color and neutrals in 2022. One of the top choices will be surely Green as the most neutral one. Touches of green are fine with any palette, since flowers come in every shade with green leaves or stalks. It’s always pretty, rich, and natural.

While nearly half of the experts cited colorful events as a leading trend (blue in particular is predicted as the stand-out shade of the year). We anyway feel that cream, ivory, beige, and grey aren’t obsolete since our Couples want the timeless look of a neutral palette, with the desire to add in an element of surprise with a bright pop of color, that accentuates the tones they’re already working with. Sweet mauves and blushes with a pop of bright red, or whites and greens with splashes of yellow-green or marigold.


4 – Intimacy

Small weddings abounded out of necessity in 2020, and while guests counts have since risen, small events have imparted a lasting lesson: The couples want to make their weddings feel intimate even if they are not.

We’re doing this by creating cozy spaces that complement the setting, especially if the venue has wide spaces, letting the guests feel intimate and not lost. We think this is very important after over a year where the couple has been separated from family and friends. We have the clear feel the newlyweds can’t get enough of our efforts to weave these connection building blocks right into their décor schemes.


5 – Fun

People are now ready to party! Gatherings of large groups are coming back in full force and duos want to celebrate their big day with all of their loved ones, creating an upbeat, exciting atmosphere. We’re creating the kinds of parties that guests will be talking about for years to come. The joy will be maximized with the entertainment able to reflect our couples’ personality and the right surprise elements to keep the highest euphory levels! 


6 – Increase of Destination Events

Destination events have always been the king. Thanks to ramped up vaccination rates and loosening global restrictions, we are foreseeing a return to faraway celebrations in the new year. Our current couples are planning at least one of their nuptial parties by the water, whether it’s a sea front terrace or a yacht, being out on the water during sunset just makes the event memorable!

The future brides and grooms are treating their loved ones to beautiful aesthetics, authentic Italian food and wine, and awe-inspiring entertainment. It’s a combination of creating a memorable experience that touches all the five basic senses. We see this trend increasing even more for the next year.


7 – Multi-Day Experiences for all generations

Many of our couples are taking the added measure of tailoring multi-generational experiences for their loved ones. Due to events being shifted throughout COVID, some to-be-weds are now hosting multiple events the week of the wedding for different sets of guests. Whether it’s a BBQ evening or a Sunday brunch, there’s an event for the grandparents all the way to the nieces and friends. Couples are being really intentional about experiences for guests, that are very important and valued to leave to guests incredible memories for many years to come.

The most common choices from our couples are trendy welcome parties, rehearsal dinners, boat outings, afterparties, brunches, cooking classes, wine and food tastings and of course, the wedding. All of these events are now part of every wedding week or weekend we plan and design. Couples are going all in to wow their guests with wedding weekends that rival festivals.


8 – New perspectives

Aerial shooting and worthy prints from your wedding ceremony and reception are the next must-have for 2022 weddings. Couples are finding new heights, angles and fun ways to capture their love story through both the engagement session and wedding day.

As weddings are now being designed with unique and thoughtful layouts in natural settings, couples are seeking a variety of ways to capture their efforts—and that includes from above.

Drone photography and video bespoke packages are currently offered among our luxury vendors and the demand will only continue to rise in the next year, since our couples are aware the investment on this very important service will paid them back with exciting memories to look at for their entire life.


9 – Weekday Weddings

With a surge in request for events, many couples have accepted that a Wednesday of Thursday wedding is just as great as a peak Saturday event. In fact, it gives couples an opportunity to extend the wedding experience for loved ones.

Weekday weddings and elopements are definitely the biggest shift we’ve seen that will be a big part of the future, with more opportunities to find availability at the most beautiful venues. The number of couples open to a weekday is constantly increasing, since they find great relief with having memorable wedding time that is also money worth respect to a weekend.


10- Relaxed Luxury

The formality of even the most lavish weddings will be slightly pared down in the year ahead. While the classic black-tie wedding will still be around, we will see more and more of a relaxed vibe coming into play at weddings. Our team expects more weddings with a relaxed luxury feel in 2022. In other words, there’s less fuss about the traditions and more fun.

Couples are leaving behind super formal and classic attire celebrations and exploring cocktail style parties, food truck parties, dance parties, everything outside of the typical wedding box. COVID led many couples to elope or marry at city hall or in their backyards or online and now they just want an epic party with friends, with more personal touches and less tradition.