Dreaming of a fairy tale wedding? We can surely recommend many enchanting Castles in Italy, where you will feel like the King and Queen of the day. There are some amazing castles in Tuscany, on top of the hills around Florence, incredible Castles in Puglia and Campania, majestic manors in Italian Riviera, offering unique settings for your Italian celebration. Italian Castles are a fabulous backdrop to frame a perfect Italian wedding.
Nothing can compare to celebrating your Italian wedding in a sumptuous medieval castle surrounded by magnificent gardens and breath-taking views. At night time torches and candles create a magical atmosphere. All of our Italian castles are important, historical venues. Many have beautiful churches and chapels on the grounds or spectacular civil wedding halls nearby for the ceremony or can actually celebrate a civil wedding at the castle. The majority offer elegant and unique accommodation for the entire wedding party so that friends and family can be together during celebration and festivities.
Special services such as fireworks, exclusive guest activities and tours can be easily arranged by our experienced staff at these locations.
The only thing you have to do is choose your favourite one!