Wedding in Florence

Published on 22 February 2022 in Marti's Blog

Florence is the perfect choice to celebrate your wedding. Discover the best sites for the ceremony and all the dream places for the reception. Lose yourself in the unique atmosphere of Florence.

Between hills, plains and waterways, stands the scenic Florence, a city in Tuscany that has welcomed geniuses such as Dante, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo or Brunelleschi over the course of its history.

Florence is a Unesco heritage site and is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world for its artistic, historical and cultural value.


What better Italian city could you choose to celebrate your dream wedding, if not Florence? Its monuments will take you back to the past and make you feel the nostalgia of times you have never lived.

How not to mention Palazzo Vecchio, a civil building located in Piazza della Signoria, together with the Cathedral dedicated to Santa Maria del Fiore, a true example of Italian Gothic architecture capable of leaving anyone who observes it breathless; and then again the Medici Chapels, the Campanile di Giotto (Giotto bell tower) and the Brunelleschi Cupola.


Each place in Florence has its own particular history that you can discover and in which we are sure you will get lost!

Florence will prove to be the perfect destination for the celebration of your wedding, which will be unforgettable, thanks to the magical atmosphere of this city, which combines ancient elements with modern and luxurious locations.

No city like Florence will charm you with its characteristic alleys and at the same time with the large areas full of restaurants, where you can taste juicy steaks, called “bistecche alla fiorentina”, accompanied by a good glass of Chianti wine.


Florence is unique and not only the Italians know it. Every year an average of 10 million tourists choose Florence as a destination to visit, they are conquered by it and can no longer forget it. Together with tourists, couples of lovers who consider the capital of Tuscany the ideal place in which to seal their bond.

If you want to celebrate your wedding in this wonderful city, you can do it with a Civil, Symbolic, Catholic, Protestant or Jewish rite. You will have a huge choice of churches and civil venues located on the hills, from which you can enjoy an incredible view of the city, and among those that rise in the heart of the historic center.

The celebration will be followed by your reception, which can take place inside a villa or castle, exceptional locations that will forever imprint these moments in your memory and in that of the guests.

Celebrate your dream wedding in the heart of Tuscany, live the best day of your life in Florence!