Wedding in Civita di Bagnoregio

Published on 8 October 2016 in Marti's Blog

I am just back from one of the most incredible small villages that only Italy can have! This medieval small town have stolen my heart!!! Located in Lazio region, central Italy, really close to Orvieto and Bolsena lake, it looks like a castle, suspended in the middle of a valley. It is connected to Bagnoregio by a foot bridge, not open to cars.

You will take 10 minutes of stunning walk to reach the main door of the village. You can easily imagine the mood, back in time with no traffic and a wonderful sensation given by a place where the time seems to be stop years and years ago! The views from Civita and the bridge are definitely terrific, and the village can offer all you can need to have a wonderful stay, far away from modern life and stress. S & W celebrated their legal wedding at Bagnoregio town hall in the morning, this is the first city you meet at the end of the walking bridge. Their day went on in the afternoon, with an unforgettable symbolic rite celebrated in a panoramic outdoor garden, bride with a perfect bohemian look reached her excited groom walking the old streets with dad. Atmosphere was romantic and intimate and a guitarist playing live enhanced the importance of such precious moments! The reception was arranged in a small secluded square very close to the wedding hall. A long table in country style with touches of wild flowers and a great care of service granted a perfect dinner! Civita di Bagnoregio perfectly ties architecture and views, so when you choose to get married in this special place, you will forever be a part of something precious. Feel free to ask me info about a possible wedding in Civita!