Tips to let your guests know if your Wedding Date Changes Due to the Coronavirus COVID-19

Published on 22 February 2021 in Marti's Blog

Due to the current uncertainty caused by COVID-19 issues, depending on where you live and where your wedding is taking place in the next couple of months, it may happen that you will have to postpone it to a new, later date, when restrictions will be ended and borders opened again. For many brides and grooms, this means postponing an event they’ve spent months of planning. And with travel bans making it impossible to fly to many foreign countries, destination weddings are on hold, too.
Whether you’ve decided to move your wedding or have been left with no other choice due to this situation, we understand that this can seem a taxing process, but there are a few things you can do now to make the change easier on yourself and your guests. First of all, you can count on your wedding planner to made arrangements with key vendors to change your wedding to a new date, then, find the best way to let your guests know about the new date, beginning with your core parties (families and friends) so they can update their plans.
The next step will be sharing the news with the rest of your guests. Great part of them will surely still enthusiast to attend. You can send emails or a short video to let them know the new date!
In 2020, we suggested some of our couples having the invitations already sent and rearranging the wedding to a later date, to re-use the already printed cards for the video, announcing the new date in a very simple way: the movie was taken with a mobile, while a pen cancelled the old date and wrote the new one! The modern devices have a lot of lovely effects, so this can be done at home, avoiding any extra costs. This have been worked perfectly for many of our couples.
For the less tech-addicted, you can proceed with a phone call or a paper card to be physically sent.
In case you have a wedding website, you can obviously proceed updating all the relevant info as well.
Please keep in mind that a new formal invitation card sent via ordinary mail will surely be a must! The paper has surely an extraordinary power: it’s super romantic and able to demonstrate to guests how big is your desire to have them at the wedding! This will have to be a very simple announcement about the update, requesting that guests RSVP digitally, which will save you both time and money but also keep you in touch with the guests, showing them how much you care!