The Magic of a Winter Wedding

Published on 23 December 2019 in Marti's Blog

Winter is a magical time for a wedding, from crisp weather and festive entertainment to glamorous colour schemes, there’s just so much to consider!

Throwing a winter wedding is fast catching up with summer as the most common time to say ‘I do’. The days will be shorter, but the nights will last for more hours, with brighter sparkles, merrier atmosphere and the whole day bursting with romance. Furthermore, lots of wedding dates will be cheaper!

But winter weddings aren’t necessarily as straightforward as summer ones. To help you have the most smooth-running and flawless day possible, we’ve rounded up some essential winter wedding tips, from what to wear to how to get a discount on your venue:

1. Visit your location at night we know that most of onsite inspections are arranged during the daylight, but great part of a winter wedding takes place after the sun goes down. Plan a visit to your venue in the evening, to see what kind of lighting they have, and whether the vibe is inviting. It will be great if your photographers could see it too at dark so they can plan their shots.

2. Choose the Same Venue for Your Ceremony and Reception This will help you solving half of your travel problems. Holding your ceremony and reception in the same venue means that guests won’t have to travel between the two, which could take a while in bad weather. Even better if they can all stay over too.

3. Layers and accessories will keep bride and bridesmaids warm. Capes are one of the biggest trends, or consider a fake fur stole, stylish shrug, white tuxedo-style jacket or cool leather jacket. For bridesmaids, try a pashmina, capelet or embroidered denim jacket.

4. Keep your shoes protected with a spray for leather and suede shoes. If you’re going outdoors for photos, have heel protectors to stop you sinking into the mud or have a spare pair of block or wedge heels ready. Even better, consider to hide a pair of wellies under your gown, to keep your feet snug and dry.

5. Tailor Your Flowers to the Season Summer, out-of-season flowers will need to be imported and won’t look their best or be cheap. Consider seasonal blooms for your bouquet and arrangements, and stick to classic whites and dramatic reds. Wintry foliage, like ivy, springs of yew, holly and hypericum berries will look gorgeous.

6. Add Warm Touches Guests will surely appreciate a basket of blankets or pashminas to pick from if they fancy heading outside or get chilly in their seat. Having hot drinks always ready will help too. Start with a mulled wine on arrival, finish your meal with a liqueur coffee, and have the caterers ready to serve hot tea or coffee for the evening.

If you decide that a winter wedding is for you, do not hesitate to contact us! We will be immediately ready to do the first steps in planning with you!!!