The European Union recognizes only three Italian wines (Asti, Marsala and, in fact, Franciacorta) the possibility of indication without other qualified terms. The current regulation explicitly prohibits the use of the term sparkling wine in designation and labelling. Therefore it is correct and legitimate to say “Franciacorta” and not “sparkling Franciacorta”, as it is historically also for French Champagne.

The fundamental feature of Franciacorta is that the only method allowed for fermentation is the classic one (fermentation in the bottle, the one used for 3 centuries in Champagne). In addition, it was the first DOCG in Italy exclusively dedicated to the classic method.
From 1967 to 1995 the name Franciacorta was also used to designate red and white DOC wines produced in the same area. Later, these wines were renamed Terre di Franciacorta and, since 2008, Curtefranca.
Franciacorta enjoys some Mediterranean type characteristics that come from some specific factors such as:

• proximity of the plain that causes breeze regime and thermal inversions;
• proximity of Lake Iseo that acts as a thermal flywheel reducing annual thermal excursions, decreasing the risk of frosts, intensifying rainfall and influencing the wind regime.
• presence of the Valcamonica Valley, which ensures almost continuous ventilation with a regular water supply, but avoiding dangerous stagnation of moisture
The Franciacorta is, like all the great sparkling wines obtained by the classic method, the perfect wine from all meal and for every occasion. Italian appetizers, fish, but also high quality cold cuts and ham are some of the suggested pairings with these classy Italian bubbles.


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