For your reception or party, we can arrange for guests to receive bomboniere (traditional Italian party gifts) made by our specialized shop here in Italy.

The most popular wedding tradition in Italy is to leave a small organza bag with five sugared almonds for each guest to eat. Each almond represents a wish to the newlyweds: Health, wealth, happiness, family and a long life!

In addition to the almonds, you could offer a takeaway from your wedding to thank them for travelling so far. Italy offers so many unique gift ideas to choose from, here are some ideas:

Small glass bottles of olive oil, limoncello or Italian liquor, labelled with your names and wedding date

• Small bottle of italian perfume

• Wine stoppers with a thanks tag

• Personalized italian cupcakes or treats

• Essential ingredients to make pasta sauce

And much more gifts we can realize for you!!!

We will be also happy to help you realize nice welcome bags for your guests with Italian products and the funniest additions like hangover kits, fans for ladies, as well as small books with essential meaning of Italian gesture and words!