Although Catholicism is the predominant religion in Italy, there are some Protestant churches where weddings can be held for foreign nationals. You are also free to opt for a Protestant ceremony held in other locations such as a romantic castle, an historic villa or even outdoors, with one of our breath-taking views.

This type of Protestant wedding may be either a “blessing”, which is not legally binding, or a full Protestant ceremony that includes the necessary procedures to make the ceremony valid from a legal point of view.

We work with a number of ministers of various denominations and we can organize Anglican or Evangelical ceremonies as well as Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist, Episcopal or Presbyterian.

The minister usually asks to get in touch with you before the ceremony to inform you about any religious requirements and we will, of course, be there to help during this stage so that you can personalize your wedding with your favourite scripture readings, music, personal vows and the lighting of candles.

Feel free to ask anything you like on how to plan an unforgettable Protestant wedding in Italy.