The Villa, originally built in 1400, is only five kilometres away from Florence, but seems to exist in a peaceful world of its own, immersed in the lush green of the hills overlooking the city.
Its ancient rooms and park provide hospitality for every type of event, from banquets to fashion shows, cocktail parties and weddings.

The monumental Tapestry Room on the ground floor, surmounted by a majestic balustrade in Florentine sandstone, is the main reception hall of the Villa. Is the ideal place for gorgeous gala dinners and wedding receptions. It is also the ideal scenario for photo shoots and fashion shows.

Among the rooms on the ground floor there is the Red Lounge where James Ivory filmed some of the scenes from “A Room with a View”.

More than just gorgeous events: the Villa is an important step for anyone going through Florence in search of art and history, beyond the usual tourist attractions.

Book lovers will also admire the vast library of precious volumes collected by Sir John Temple Leader, the third owner who fell in love with the area and made this Villa his lifetime home.

Cosy accommodation during the wedding days can be find at the resort farm located in front of the Villa, managed by the same owners.