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Rhiannon and Devan’s Stunning Hindu Wedding: A Fusion of Cultures in Puglia

15 April 2024
Step into the captivating world of Rhiannon and Devan's Hindu wedding, a vibrant celebration of love and cultural fusion. With Rhiannon, a quintessential English rose, and Devan, with his...

Tips for wine and food pairings

1 April 2020
All our couples know that Marti’s greatest passions are the fine wine and food. She has always been supported the future bride and groom during the creation of their...
Wedding in Italy

Wedding in Italy

14 March 2022
Have you always dreamed of a fairytale wedding in Italy to remember? Wine Weddings and More is the personal exhibition space of the wedding planning’s godmother, Martina, who, with...

Wedding in Sorrento

1 March 2022
Sorrento is among the most suggestive and fascinating sceneries to make the most beautiful day of your life unforgettable! A balcony suspended between the cobalt blue sea and the slopes...

Wedding in Florence

22 February 2022
Florence is the perfect choice to celebrate your wedding. Discover the best sites for the ceremony and all the dream places for the reception. Lose yourself in the unique...

These Are the 10 Wedding Trends that will take off in 2022

27 December 2021
Be ready to have a lot of fun, thanks non-conventional flowers and decors, next-level entertainment, the return of destination events, and the coolest themed parties.The wedding boom is already...

A bright intimate Wedding at Borgo Egnazia in Puglia

1 December 2021
After Postponing Their Nuptials for a Full Year due to covid reasons, James and Jessica celebrated Their Wedding Day between the sea and the sky at Borgo Egnazia, one...

Top 25 Luxury Wedding Venues to get married in Italy

23 February 2021
This post is dedicated to couples at the early stages of the planning, dreaming of an exclusive wedding in Italy but not yet sure about the final destination.We are...

Tips to let your guests know if your Wedding Date Changes Due to the Coronavirus COVID-19

22 February 2021
Due to the current uncertainty caused by COVID-19 issues, depending on where you live and where your wedding is taking place in the next couple of months, it may...

Explore the authentic Tuscany

30 November 2020
We recently met Antonella, the lovely master of the house at Borgo Tre Rose, an authentic small village dated back to 16th Century, masterfully preserved and transformed into a...

Onsite day at Como Lake

20 August 2020
We reached Bellagio a few days ago, with the sun shining on the clear waters of Como Lake. The shops and restaurants are gradually reopening after the lockdown period...

Two Continents, One Heart!

23 January 2020
We have been proudly planned many beautiful weddings that joined different countries and cultures, but the one having Anouk and Kwame as protagonists was definitely amazing!With a great work...