Sardinia is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, surrounded by white sandy beaches that face one of the most crystalline sea in the world.

It offers couples a romantic and magic atmosphere with its well preserved nature, Sardinia still retains charmingly rural landscapes, rites and traditions from ancient time. Essentially, celebrating your wedding on genuine warm hospitality, mild weather, excellent cuisine and stunning location means that you will have lifelong memories to treasure.

The Island is capable of surprising you with its glamourous Costa Smeralda, destination of VIP from all over the world for years, or the bucolic villages in the center of Sardinia. The common point is that wedding in Sardinia means perpetuate centuries-old wedding rites, both civil and religious. You can choose among a wide set of breathtaking wedding locations, from the north to the south of the island, that accommodates not only young couples on their honeymoon, but also guests for wedding lunches and dinners.
Wedding is a wonderful opportunity for Sardinians to showcase their culture and traditions. One of the most common deals with “Sa Razzia”. A dish of rice, wheat, salt, coins and rose petals is broken close to bride and bridegroom home’s door. Cereals are symbols of abundance, wisdom, wealth and love, the best wishes for prosperity and a long and happy married life. 
The organization of the wedding banquet is never casual. The meal following Sardinian traditions, is rich in flavour and based on simple home grown ingredients. 
Many traditional dishes reflect the farming and fishing culture. “Su Coccoi”, a special shape bread, is a hallmark of Sardinian weddings, common around the coast.
The wedding is an event that happens once in a lifetime, that is why it should be memorable and  unrepeatable, choose Sardinia if you love the endless sea and the perfumes of Mediterranean wood!
In Sardinia you can plan Civil and Catholic ceremonies, Catholic ceremonies with civil effect, Protestant blessing and ceremonies with civil effect and Jewish ceremonies. You can also plan symbolic ceremonies in many wonderful locations. Whereas Catholic ceremony can only be celebrated in a Church and the civil ceremony will be performed by the Mayor or functionary in a municipality. 
Weddings celebrated in Italy are recognized in other countries. Nevertheless there is some paperwork you will need to get in your country and some paperwork needs to be done in Italy. We suggest to plan your ceremony at least 6 months in advance to make sure  that all the papers are in order. 
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