We can organize your traditional Jewish wedding in a synagogue or in any other kind of location, such as a beautiful historical building, a garden or a terrace with a breath-taking view.

Whether you are Orthodox, Interfaith, Reform, Conservative or Reconstructionist, we can certainly assist you in planning a beautiful and truly authentic Jewish wedding in Italy.

The specific rules for the Jewish community in Italy are the same as those which are followed in your country, and your local Rabbi must prepare the necessary religious documents for us to pass to the relevant Italian Rabbi.

The precise details and procedures will need to be discussed in more detail with the Italian Rabbi.

If you prefer, however, you can also bring your own Rabbi to celebrate your wedding in Italy, however, in this case it’s necessary to organize the legal ceremony first, both in Italy and in your home country. We will be on hand to help you decide the best solution for you needs.

As for the reception, we can organize a fully kosher wedding banquet, as well as flowers decors, chuppah, music and photography, so don’t hesitate to contact us if with to receive more details.