Italy has surely the most beautiful and significant churches in the whole world, so if you are looking for a catholic wedding in Italy the choice is literally endless!

How about getting married in one of our architectural masterpieces? Italy can offer an extensive range of churches dating as far back as the eleventh century, and their Romantic or Baroque style will make your wedding even more special.

A Catholic ceremony in Italy can also be valid legally.

The requirements for celebrating a Catholic wedding in Italy are as follows:

Permission must be obtained from your local Bishop, who will present you to the local Italian Church organization or ‘Curia’. You will also need confirmation of your baptism.
• You will need to attend a pre-nuptial course in your local parish
• It will be impossible to hold a Catholic wedding if either the bride or groom is divorced and the previous marriage has not been officially annulled
• Most priests prefer to receive a direct donation from the newlyweds, which can be used for charitable purposes

You can count on our support for the entire period running up to the wedding, and we are happy to act as an intermediary for the necessary paperwork between the Italian church and that of your country, so that everything turns out perfectly on the day.