This dwelling, once home to peasants, dating back to the 17th century, is one of the most elegant and unique boutique hotels in Puglia.

It belongs to a very passionate family, taking care of all details to create this very special place, environmentally friendly. The historical building complex has been carefully renovated in order to create an elegant and original holiday venue in total respect to nature and the sustainability of its surroundings. The

Accommodation provided in 21 rooms and 1 suite for a maximum of 65 guests including extra beds. Each room is furnished with hand-made furniture and presenting its own characteristic. Large pool with its sea views, romantic gardens and internal patio and gourmet restaurant located directly on site.

Located midway between Bari and Brindisi (at about 50 km from the two cities and their airports), the Masseria is a perfect choice for those wishing to explore Apulia and the Salento beaches.
Its architecture – and the modern-day comforts added during its careful renovation – makes it an ideal venue for parties and weddings. The Masseria can be hired for a group of friends, or for celebrating an happy occasion.

The wonderful winter garden – in front of the main building, with its ‘Provence’ feel, and its glass walls – is an elegant location, suited for important parties.